A Soul Break with N2K

A Soul Break with N2K

Sunday, July 29, 2012 at 08:00 AM — 09:00 AM

N2K invites you to take a “Soul Break” as you listen to our music. N2K is the duo of Katherine Cash (violin) and Norm Freeman (percussion), Juilliard alumni, committed to building up and strengthening communities through music. 

We understand that music unites body, heart and soul, and unites us with our community, our neighbors. Our live music will give you the opportunity to re-set and to open yourself to a source of joy, of healing and of blessings and peace. When we perform, we routinely experience something greater than ourselves. We are keenly aware of our fellow artist, of the relationship between performer and audience members, and of something larger than our collected experiences, leading us to create with a newfound freedom. So you, the listener, will feel renewed and refreshed. Instrumental music touches all of us in a way that enlarges our shared vocabulary.

N2K’s live music takes on a dimension where the artists become transparent, letting the music speak directly to the audience, creating a window into the listener’s true nature. What you experience in the environment of a sacred space is quite unlike a concert hall. Dimensions of sound emerge because of the special architecture and the shape of the space. Natural light comes in, often through stained glass. Works of art adorn the space to provide sources of inspiration to nurture those listening, fueling the imagination and opening minds and hearts to the world of music, and to the world as seen through music. This unites our audiences into a unique community of listeners. The feeling of unity carries over into the post-concert experience, a rapport emerges between those present. N2K audiences are treated to a variety of musical works, all composed or arranged by N2K: sacred, popular, Classical, meditation, and original works. Meet the artists and their music; meet members of your community and deepen existing relationships.


St. Cross, Hermosa Beach, CA