Norm Freeman and Friends at Geneva Pres

Norm Freeman and Friends at Geneva Pres

Sunday, February 02, 2020 from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

A Time to Greet Our Neighbors 

Through Music in Liturgy

Vespers, one of the two main hours of the Church's Daily Office, has roots extending into the evening prayers of ancient Israel. Lucernarium (literally: Lamp lighting time) was another name for these periods of devotion which began at the rising of the evening star with a blessing prayer. The Book of Common Prayer preserves the evolution of these early forms of worship and prayer in a way that is faithful to our heritage and open to creating new traditions.

Jazz Vespers emerges as a synthesis of traditions, a blending of an age old liturgy with the unique musical language we call jazz. With a freshness that is open to God's Spirit, this musical tradition sounds the hopes, dreams, joys, frustrations and pain that expresses human experience, while exploring a musical vocabulary that transcends the limits of the written or spoken word.

Norm Freeman and Friends at Geneva Pres


Geneva Presbyterian Church, 24301 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA