Yamaha Sepia

"These members opened new vistas of splendor and there are moments that evoke the highest level of peace, love and tranquility that cradles one’s heart like nothing else can."

(Steven Churchyard, Producer, Abbey Road)

"Juilliard-trained duo offers a breathing space... part playing, part praying."

~ Episcopal News Service

"The dynamic duo, Katherine Cash and Norm Freeman bring to concert goers, students and appreciative audiences world wide a compelling story of music making, life's sojourn... with all it's twists and turns and the power of "connection" that can only be portrayed through music. Katherine and Norm are consummate artists with the uncanny ability to communicate these rich subject matters, with expertise, joy and harmony."

~ Jonathan Haas, Percussion Department Chair, NYU; performing artist (percussion); head of Sunset Records, Kettles and Company, and Gemini Music Productions

"We listened to your beautiful Soul Break CD. I speak often of getting into the zone; your CD does that for us. Thank you so much, what a gift, and what a beginning of what I trust will be one wonderful friendship. I am honored."

~ The Rev. Dr Clair McPherson, Professor at the General Theological Seminary, NYC